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people at risk of exclusion helped

Living together, simply. Lázaro, shared apartments between homeless people and young professionals and young professionals.

The Lazarus Homes are solidarity apartments where we live with young people and people in situations of social exclusion. Our homes consist of apartments for women and men. Between 6 and 12 people live in each apartment. Half of our roommates were homeless, the other half were not. They have chosen to live together. A volunteer family is responsible for each apartment. They live in the same building.

We combine our studies or our jobs with our social commitment. Instead of sharing an apartment with other young people like us, we have decided to do this volunteering, which consists of living together with homeless people. It is an adventure, a life experience and a challenge. We simply share day to day life as equals... we live an ordinary life in an extraordinary way!

This experience is good for all of us, because we accompany each other, while breaking stereotypes, our own and those of society in general. The people who live with us, not only get a "roof", but at home we want to live as a family, we care for each other. We live an innovative model of coexistence that has changed the way we looked at homeless people and that still exists in society.

What about you, Balanzeas?