children participating in the Agua de Coco socio-educational and music center in Tulear (Madagascar).
"Education should be accessible to all people, especially girls and children in situations of social exclusion. "

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What about you, Balanzeas?

Working for all people in impoverished countries

The Socio-Educational and Musical Reception Center (CASEM) is an art and music school located in Tulear in southern Madagascar, where about 600 students from the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of the city study every year. The center has 10 different musical and artistic disciplines and after many years (the project was born in 2009) we have been able to see how music education helps the participating children to gain more self-confidence and autonomy, to develop a more creative and resilient character and also to remove them from the dangers of the street, such as child labor or sexual exploitation (Tulear is one of the areas with the highest child sexual exploitation on the planet). This project also makes it easier for us to reach out to children who do not attend school. When they enroll in our activities, we carry out a study of their situation and their family, and if they are not in school, we finance a scholarship for them in one of our schools or in a public school in Tulear.

The objective now is to expand this project to reach 1000 children. The campaign "A New Home for Music" has been launched. You can see more info here: https://aguadecoco.org/campanas/un-nuevo-hogar-para-la-musica/