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An olive tree is planted for every 50
1 olive tree planted = 469 kg Co2 compensated
"Join the more than 5,000 godfathers and godmothers to recover the emptied Spain."

Recovering the emptied Spain

Apadrinaunolivo.org is a project that was born in 2016 to respond to a worrying reality: Empty Spain. Thousands of villages in our country are progressively running out of inhabitants because they all leave for the cities in search of job opportunities. Convinced of the cultural and environmental richness of our villages we started a laborious adventure: to recover the 100,000 abandoned olive trees of Oliete (in Teruel) to generate new horizons of hope that would bring jobs and economic development in the village.

The project is an exciting reality that has recovered more than 12,000 olive trees thanks to more than 5,500 godfathers and godmothers, who with their annual contribution sponsor an olive tree that they baptize and can come to visit. Thanks to them we were able to start the project and now we can think about increasing our impact by selling our own oil "Mi Olivo", taken from the harvest of the recovered olive trees, also black olives and the novelty: canned vegetables of artichokes, leeks and peppers 'Mi Huerto'. This is our next step: to recover the cannery of Alacón, a neighboring town, with the technique of those who know best, those who made them before it closed.

What about you, Balanzeas?