hygiene programs carried out in Magude (Mozambique)
" Having clean water for drinking and washing is a matter of dignity, but also a determining factor for health, food and education. "

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Promoting the right to water, sanitation and hygiene in rural schools in Mozambique.

Schools are a priority in the hygiene programs we carry out in places like Magude in southern Mozambique. We ensure that children have water and the means to wash their hands, and we carry out awareness and hygiene promotion campaigns with the support of the teaching staff and the entire educational community. In this way we manage to improve the health of boys and girls, reducing the incidence of diarrhea and other infectious diseases, and with them school absenteeism.

The materials needed (information, education and communication materials, mural paint and cleaning kit) to carry out a hygiene promotion campaign in a rural school in Mozambique, where between 150 and 300 children study, represent 200 €.

A complete campaign is €1,200 including, in addition to the materials, awareness raising, support and training of the educational community.

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